​Distribute Your Data To The Right People

​Any Dashboard, Any Where, Anytime

Unlimited Dashboards

Aggregate many dashboards into a single view and connect any dashboard tools.

Control and Management

Centrally manage and configure visual data remotely and in real-time..

Total Cost of Ownership

Lower TCO than attaching a mini-PC, NUC, Raspberry Pi to the screens while offering central management capabilities.

Configuration and Distribution

Configure and distribute your dashboards to any screens or video wall.


Provides secure rendering and the platform allows users to run fully offline, while maintaining central management.


Programmatically interact with the video walls and displays using third-party applications.

Centrally manage KPI Dashboards, aggregate data, and distribute content to multiple displays throughout the company to improve operational efficiency and inform decision-making for key stakeholders.

Data Dashboard


Replace Traditional Video Wall Hardware, With One Server

Userful’s solution to display KPI Dashboards allows IT managers to aggregate any of their data visualization solutions whether web-based or standalone desktop applications and disseminate them onto any Userful screen or video wall.

  • Interoperable with any Dashboard sources

  • Central Management & Secure Distribution

  • Single server replaces all proprietary hardware

  • Minimal potential points of failure in your system

Software-Defined AV-over-IP

By leveraging standard-based systems and the adaptability of software, your solution will not only be constantly updated with new feature releases but also have major upgrades and innovation without having to replace a single piece of hardware.

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform allows IT teams to securely manage and scale the increasing number of AV and IoT applications required to run a digitally transformed enterprise.