Video Walls -קירות ווידאו

Userful is different than traditional video wall solutions. It dramatically reduces the hardware required whether that's proprietary hardware, custom hardware, or just complicated hardware such as encoders and decoders, mini computers, etc.

On-Premise Server

A dedicated private server, operating online with management through the cloud, or offline within the LAN.

Cloud Server

Deploy on a Hosted Cloud Service, either a Public Cloud hosted by AWS or on a dedicated public cloud account.

Industry Leading TCO

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by removing the need for proprietary hardware.

Data Center

Hardware options that scale to meet your needs to stream any content source to displays across the (WAN).

Hybrid Deployment

Mix multiple server types across a single organization and manage the entire deployment through a single toolset.

24/7 Support

Increase uptime and troubleshoot issues with our 24 hour support team.


Replace Traditional Video Wall Hardware, With One Server

Userful is made to last. It is flexible enough to work with any display and scalable enough to manage all displays in a room, building, region, or location.

Userful works with Smart Displays using just a software app or with any other display by adding an adaptor that is a fraction of the cost of traditional media players or decoders because Userful doesn’t use proprietary chipsets.

Zero Client or adaptor is a piece of hardware running Userful software is installed directly onto the back of any display—such as LED and LCD.

Smart displays can Download the Userful uClient app directly onto their local storage and run Userful software with no additional hardware needed.